Live since 2021 affecting HGV's 12 tonnes GVW and above

Safe system required for all zero star rated vehicles

This DVS permit will only be valid until October 2024 for vehicles rated under 3 stars, when the updated "DVS Progressive Safe System (PSS)" goes live and is enforced.

"Operators shall make regular check sand take all reasonable measures to ensure all indirect vision systems and driver alerts remain fully operational." TfL HGV safety permit guidance

Images below are from the HGV Safety Permit Guidance Document

DVS front equipment required
DVS Rear equipment required
Blind Spot Cameras

A nearside camera system needs to be fitted to cover the remaining blind spot not covered by the VI & VII mirrors.
A monitor needs to be installed in the cab near to the nearside mirrors to give the driver easy vision of any potential hazards.
It is the operators responsibility to ensure the camera system is working before a vehicle goes into the DVS Enforcement Zone

Close Proximity Sensors

Sensors on rigid vehicles and articulated tractor units should ensure coverage 6m down the nearside or 1m from the rear of the vehicle. They may switch off at speeds above 20mph.

Audible Left Turn Warning

The volume of the audible warning measured at one metre from the speaker, should be between 65 and 88 decibels/dB(A) and use a combination of white noise and spken words.
The device should have a manual on/off switch for use between the hours of 23:30 and 07:00.

Class V and VI Mirrors

A Class V mirror will need to be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle, this will help the driver see what is in their side blind spot.
A Class VI mirror will need to be fitted to the front of the vehicle, this will help the driver see what is in their front blind spot.

Side Under-Run Protection

Side protection barriers will need to be installed to both sides of the vehicle, unless it is impractical or proves impossible

Prominent Warning Stickers

Warning signage should not give instructional advice to the people walking and cycling. The details should be legible by a cyclist or pedestrian at a reasonable distance from the vehicle.

what you need to know

Over 250,000 vehicles now have DVS permits.
Any vehicles rated under 3 stars need to update to PSS.
Thousands more vehicles do not have DVS permits and will be under 3 stars. These will require permits to access London without being fined.

Progressive safe system

Relevant to all HGV's (over 12T GVW) rated 0, 1 and 2 stars. This comes into enforcement from 28th October 2024

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Enforcement zone

The enforcement zone covers central London and some outer London. To view the enforcement zone please click below

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Direct Vision Standard

DVS went live in 2021. Certificates under 3 stars are valid until October 2024 for HGV's over 12T GVW

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The application process

The application process varies depending on your star rating. We have simplified the process for you

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